How to find the best fishing spots with a kayak

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

So you bought a new or used kayak, but now you need to know where to go kayak fishing. Everyone has been there. You may have a few pals who know some spots, but part of the fun of kayak fishing is discovering fishing spots that other people haven’t or couldn’t get to before. That’s half the joy of it!

Kayak fishing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! With a kayak, you can reach otherwise inaccessible areas and get closer to the fish you’re trying to catch.

In this article, I’ll share valuable insights on researching and understanding waterways, choosing the right kayak, and effectively fishing from a kayak.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to find those hidden fishing gems with your trusty kayak!

Tips On How To Find Kayak Fishing Spots

Finding decent fishing areas, as any expert angler will tell you, takes some research and work. However, with the correct equipment and tactics, you can discover some incredible sites that will enhance your fishing vacations.

First and foremost, do your homework before venturing out onto the water. You may learn a lot about the types of fish you’re likely to catch, the ideal times to fish, and the most profitable techniques to use by researching fishing spots both online and offline.

Using Google Maps

Using Google Maps

I have located the most kayak fishing sites by using Google Maps and its satellite view. I’ll start with a location where I want to go fishing and try to read it as best we can. What exactly are we looking for? It depends on the type of fishing, but you’re searching for the same basic things regardless.

Structure – we all know that fish prefer to congregate near structures such as docks, trees, points, and dropoffs, and you’d be surprised how much you can observe by utilizing Google Maps for this.

Scroll in on your location and begin looking for dirt roads, parking lots, or offshoots where you could park your car.

Note that trespassing is not tolerated or encouraged by Fishingturf. However, make certain that you are at a legal location.

Joining Local Facebook Groups and Forums

Joining Local Facebook Groups and Forums

There are numerous local forums to choose from when Google Maps fails you! Simply search for “city+kayak+launch+group/forum” and I’m sure you’ll find a wonderful location.

Get advice and find answers by tapping into the knowledge of the community.

People will occasionally inquire about kayak fishing buddies. Going with someone else is always safer, and you can share tips and tactics. Just remember to be safe!

Is It Possible to Reach Fishing Spots Using Kayaks?

Yes, kayaks may be used to reach fishing places. You’ll be able to access even the most distant and interesting fishing areas with the suitable kayak and proper transport and launch skills. Look for a kayak that is large enough to hold all of your gear while remaining tiny enough to handle smoothly on the water. You may use a kayak to visit a wide range of fishing sites and boost your chances of a successful catch with a little research and forethought.

Understanding Waterways

Understanding the waters you’re fishing in might make or break your fishing trip. Waterways are classified into several varieties, each with its own set of characteristics that influence fishing.

Fishing In Still Waters

These bodies of water have less current and provide calmer fishing opportunities. Moving waters, such as rivers and streams, have faster currents and necessitate various fishing approaches to be productive.

Fishing In Moving Waters

It’s critical to seek elements that attract fish when fishing in moving water. Submerged structures such as boulders, logs, and weed beds can provide shelter and food for fish. You should also seek locations where the stream slows down, as this is where fish concentrate to preserve energy.

It’s critical to understand how the water moves and look for areas where fish are likely to be when fishing in still waters. Fish, for example, concentrate near drop-offs, where shallow water abruptly becomes deeper, and near underwater objects such as weed beds or buried trunks.

You can improve your chances of catching fish by learning how to read water and finding elements that attract fish. So, examine the waterways you’ll be fishing in and try out different approaches to find what works best.

Safety Considerations

While fishing from a kayak can be a thrilling and gratifying experience, safety should always come first. No matter how good a swimmer you are, you should always wear a life jacket as a responsible angler. Even on calm waters, the unexpected might happen, and a life jacket can save your life in an emergency.

Besides donning a life jacket, it’s critical to be aware of the weather conditions before venturing out on the lake. Always check the weather forecast and avoid fishing in rough or windy conditions, as these can make the water dangerously turbulent. Bringing necessary equipment, such as a first aid kit, a whistle, and a communication device, can also be beneficial in an emergency.


In conclusion, finding the best fishing spots with a kayak is a thrilling adventure that requires research, planning, and attention to safety.

By researching fishing spots online and offline, understanding waterways, using the right kayak and fishing techniques, and prioritizing safety; you can have a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

Always wear a life jacket, be aware of weather conditions, and bring essential gear to ensure your safety on the water. With these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to discovering some of the best fishing spots in your area.

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